A portfolio approach to economic development.

Global Infrastructure Investment Group and Hellenic’s coalition is developing major industrial, commercial, and community infrastructure enclaves worldwide.

Community enclaves are scaled to support all aspects necessary to a thriving industrial, commercial, and community infrastructure, including healthcare, education, safety, and recreation.  Our collective initiative energizes global per-capita growth while impacting technology, agricultural diversity, energy, water, power, transportation, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals by building community infrastructure with a minimal carbon footprint to positively impact climate change and promote the science that will eventually reverse otherwise inevitable natural and man-made disasters.

Additionally, the Infrastructure Investment Portfolio inspires additional investment capital to participate in future global economic expansion at multiple layers in tertiary businesses. Our combined investment in an infrastructure portfolio with a community focus is far-reaching, given an ever-expanding global population. Our initiative drives environmental sustainability and technology shifts through enclaves, both individually and in composite, compared to global averages of similar industrial, commercial, and community situations.




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Current projects

Global Infrastructure Investment Group and Hellenic are working on projects in Virginia and Texas, USA and Greece. Each of the projects is independently viable and part of a global, integrated system for desalination, power and brine conversion. The second wave projects in Mexico, Morocco, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Oman, and Guatemala are in active development.


Our subsidiary Noema is our community infrastructure arm, whose mission is to enhance the lives of the emerging global citizenry and help them reach their full potential.

Evexia Global, is the charitable mission of Hellenic dedicated to ensuring every community is invested in with dedicated health and human service resources and philanthropic initiatives to support greater equity and stability.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of the emerging global citizenry and help them reach their full potential. We do this through our participation in wise infrastructure investments and projects that meet the needs of the communities they serve. Together with our partners in the private sector, public policy and civil society, we pioneer and scale community-specific solutions that strengthen community and accelerate economic growth. 

Our role is defined by the following activities:


We invest in talent by developing programs to retrain and upskill workers. We provide entrepreneurial support and access to jobs through our extensive partnership network.


We drive meaningful economic expansion by tracking progress and measuring outcomes through a proprietary technology platform.


Our ultimate goal is to add three billion new consumers to our global economy and redefine the global marketplace.

Global Investment Opportunities

Evexia Global is a 501(c)(3) designated non-profit organization, which allocates funds to communities in need, as well as their health and human service network, by initiating economic programs and benefits in multiple sectors including: healthcare, education, vocational training, housing, public safety and transportation.

Global Infrastructure Investment Group and Hellenic’s platform leverages water, power and brine conversion at scale to create an abundance of clean water, electricity for heat, light, mobility and valuable commodities production. Hellenic will introduce clean base-load geothermal energy and hydrogen capability into the energy mix to further reduce dependence on fossil fuels and carbon emissions.

With targeted worldwide locations, the Hellenic blueprint is specifically designed to create jobs and deliver what world markets and its citizens need now—new, long-term, sustainable rounds of economic investment, development, and growth.