Building shared prosperity.

Hellenic is building an investment-ready portfolio of world-class, economically viable desalination-cogeneration and brine conversion facilities driven by large-scale sustainable power generation  (geothermal, hydrogen, and biofuels) in targeted locations. These centers of economic activity create value for investors, stakeholders, and the communities at large.

The Challenge

Stunted economic growth due to pre- and post-pandemic setbacks have made it clear that governments alone cannot lead recovery and growth. But even before COVID-19, multiple other crises such as environmental degradation, resource scarcity, and demographic changes have contributed to major political and socio-economic upheaval. READ MORE

Our Vision

The Hellenic model does what the best business models should do: solve problems, create more for less, and faster. But its business-unusual approach is centered around shared value, which is value for both shareholders and stakeholders alike, for a vision of society that is more sustainable and equitable for generations to come. READ MORE

The Hellenic Way

Water is the cornerstone of Hellenic’s business model. We build desalination, brine conversion facilities, and power infrastructure, while maintaining a keen focus on creating shared value for shareholders and stakeholders alike. Our model was designed to create jobs and deliver what world markets and citizens need now—new, long-term, sustainable rounds of economic investment, development, and growth.

Investment-ready Infrastructure Portfolio

Massive private investment in modern, sustainable infrastructure and clean energy will drive the global economic recovery and lead to societal transformation. The first tranche of nine projects are being developed in Virginia and Texas, U.S., Greece, and Mexico. Each of the projects is independently viable and are part of a global, integrated system for desalination, sustainable power generation, and brine and biomass conversion. The second wave projects in Morocco, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Oman, and Guatemala are in active development.

Our values






What people say

Our partnership with Hellenic is grounded on creating abundance and prosperity where there is scarcity. We do so by providing sustainable water and clean energy supply without jeopardizing the health of our people and planet.

- Lihy Teuerstein, CEO, IDE Assets

The Coalition